Unica Umbria



ITF – Tracing umbrian companies

The success of its cashmere and fine woven collections has seen the small central Italian region of Umbria reach the premier scenes of the world of fashion. A number of firms can be located along this fascinating path, all united by their consummate artistry, commitment to local cultural heritage and pursuit of excellence. These companies readily enrolled in ITF (Italian Textile Fashion), a body founded in 2005 by over twenty Italian Chambers of Commerce with the aim of assisting the various branches of Italian fashion (textiles, clothing, leather accessories and shoes). ITF employs a transparent traceability system whereby every step of the manufacturing process is recorded. All ITF certified firms display an additional label on their goods which documents the origin of each productive phase. Among Italy’s twenty regions, Umbria features the highest number of ITF certified companies. This demonstrates a drive to excel on the part of the region’s entrepreneurs as well as their long-standing tradition of artistic endeavor. The advantages of ITF are twofold. Firstly, companies gain a competitive edge by certifying the quality and integrity of their goods. Secondly, consumers are assured that the products they purchase meet the highest quality standards