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Umbria Finest Quality

“It is a pleasure for me to introduce this wonderful little booklet comprised of Umbrian textile SMEs which have voluntarily undergone a process of traceability launched by the Italian Chambers of Commerce. In these brief few lines, I should particularly like to underline the added value which these newly traced enterprises bring to Umbria with their expertise and artistry.

What we have before us are SMEs that have found a means to combine heritage with new technologies. The result? Products of rare quality and beauty. One cannot help but admire the craftsmanship of those who breathe life into such firms. They are masters of an art which is rooted in ancestral traditions and as such cannot be easily imitated or copied. To the people who guide these firms, fashion is not a matter of merely following the prevailing trend of the moment. On the contrary, fashion to them is the ability to innovate creatively. I believe that this little volume reflects this aspect. Indeed, the purpose of this book is to reveal how these elegant garments come into being and thereby to convey the artistry, expertise and reliability of the entrepreneurs behind them. It is not a simple task. Words cannot fully articulate the commitment, creative intelligence and fine understanding of fabrics which these firms possess. Nonetheless, while this book may only scrape the surface of what is a fascinating world of fashion, it tells the real-life tale of a part of Umbria made of excellence”.

Giorgio Mencaroni

Chairman of the Boardof the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia and of the Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Umbria